Talk, Text, and Surf Wherever you Travel in Israel!

  • Unlimited Incoming and Outgoing Calls in Israel, to the United States and to Canada.
  • Unlimited Text Messaging in Israel, to the United States and to Canada.
  • Data Service up to 3 GB
  • No Hidden Fees, No Deposits, No Contracts, No Shipping Costs – just prepay before you travel!
  • Simple billing at $3.99/day including VAT

Here’s How it Works


Bring Your Own Phone

Our SIM cards operate with any unlocked phone – please contact your local service provider to make sure your phone is unlocked.


Buy a SIM card

Just purchase a one-time SIM card and use it anytime you travel to Israel with Sabra Phones service.



Once you purchase your SIM card, you will be able to login to your account to activate your service before your flight.


Off to Israel!

Once you land in Israel, insert your SIM card into your phone and you will be automatically connected to talk, text, and surf!

Your Sabra Services

Lifetime SIM

$19.99 one-time purchase

For a one-time cost of $19.99, you will receive your lifetime SIM card to use anytime you travel to Israel. Make sure to activate your service by logging into your account prior to your departure.

Unlimited Talk, Text, and Surf


Your service includes unlimited incoming and outgoing calls to anyone in Israel, United States and Canada, unlimited text messaging in Israel, to the United States and Canada and up to 3 GB of data.

Get a U.S. Phone Number


As an option, add a virtual U.S. phone number so you can forward your calls from your current phone number. Your friends, family, and colleagues can stay easily connected by contacting your regular phone number and reaching you in Israel.

Price Estimator

I want a talk, text and surf plan for my 1 day trip to Israel.

Maximum of 31 days

For unlimited calls in Israel, U.S. and Canada, unlimited text messaging in Israel, U.S. and Canada, and up to 3GB of data*, it only costs 3.99

*additional data can be purchased

What our Customers are Saying

  • Our family has been traveling to Israel for the past 12 years and feel that we have been over-paying for our cell phone service every single time. I came across Sabra Phones after searching for a less expensive Israel SIM card service and decided to try them out for three of our family members. Not only were they the most inexpensive service out there, they had great call quality and data service which helped while I continued to work on our trip. I couldn’t be happier and will continue to use Sabra Phones for years to come, especially since you just purchase a one-time SIM card to use each time you travel to Israel!
  • I’m a tour group organizer for our local Church and we had a summer trip of 30 people going to Israel and needed to get everyone signed up with a phone service so they can reach their loved ones back in the U.S.. After researching several companies, we decided to go with Sabra Phones since they offer the most affordable service for groups which was important for our travelers. Our entire group were very impressed with the service and we will definitely be using Sabra Phones for all our tours to Israel!
  • I took a study abroad program in Israel for the summer and needed a short-term phone service for the three months I was in Jerusalem. I decided to try out Sabra Phones after it was recommended to me by a friend, and I was so glad I listened to my friend’s suggestion. During those three months in Israel, I was able to stay in touch with my family and friends in the U.S. and always be connected throughout Israel. I even had a mini-vacation in the Negev and still had great service. At one point, my SIM card wasn’t connecting, so I called Sabra Phones’ customer service in Israel around midnight and they were able to help me right away! I plan to go back next year to Israel and will be taking my Sabra Phones SIM with me.
  • From the minute I called Sabra Phones in the U.S., until the last day of my trip, Sabra Phones has gone above and beyond in their customer service and making sure that I’m all set with my services. I’ve worked with other phone companies that provide SIM card and phone rentals for tourists going to Israel, but I’m happy that Sabra Phones came into the market because not only is their customer service excellent, but their network quality is superb. I have stopped looking for phone companies and will stick with Sabra Phones.
  • I had to travel to Israel for business with a few colleagues and we originally had planned to use our international Verizon rates, but at the last moment we were told we had to cut our travel expenses so we needed to find another option for phone and data. My colleague found Sabra Phones online and we decided to go with them because they were the least expensive and they offered SIM cards that could work with our iPhones. During our two weeks in Israel, we were always connected with Sabra Phones, sending and receiving emails in real-time, getting on many conference calls easily, communicating with our two offices in Israel, and a plus was that I was able to text with my family in the U.S. I would 100% recommend Sabra Phones for business use.
  • Apparently the word is spreading fast about Sabra Phones, because I had six different people tell me to get a Sabra Phones SIM card when I was traveling to Israel for my cousin’s wedding. I decided to get a SIM card for myself and one for my brother; I have an iPhone and he has an Android, so I didn’t know much about how to use a different SIM card for our phones. I called their New York office and the sales rep was very helpful to explain the entire process of getting a SIM card and making sure it’s compatible with our phones. I don’t remember the last time I had someone help me that I felt very comfortable to use the SIM even though I’m not tech-savvy. Thanks Sabra Phones!
  • I sent my son on a high-school group trip to Israel and needed to get him a good phone service to stay connected. It was important that I was always in touch with my son because of what I hear on the news about Israel. After extensive research, I purchased a Sabra Phones SIM card for my son and was so happy to always be in communication with him.
  • My girlfriend and I planned a trip to Israel and I decided I was going to propose to her during our travels, so I wanted to make sure I had good phone service so I can get the proposal video-taped, take photos and post everything on Facebook and Instagram, and send it to our family and friends. I was able to do it all moments after she said “yes” with the Sabra Phones service and we got so many phone calls and texts from the U.S. and I was happy that I wasn’t charged extra for all the data and calls I used up.
  • I travel to Israel every 3-4 months and have used many different SIM cards and phone companies. I decided to give Sabra Phones a try since they were new to the market and offered the cheapest rates. Along with the great rates, they had great service, call quality and not that I needed it, but they also had 24-hour customer service in Israel. I will continue to use them every time I travel to Israel!

Who Uses Us

  • Individuals

  • Family Vacationers

  • Business Travelers

  • Student Groups

  • School Study Programs

  • Wedding Parties

  • Family Reunions

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebrations

  • Religious Groups

  • Pilgrimages

  • Missions

  • Tour Groups